Time for Credibility and Coherence: PAN International Briefing Paper on ICCM5

Pesticide Action Network International (PAN) highlights three draft Targets as critical reforms under negotiation in the ‘SAICM Beyond 2020 Framework’ – a new policy instrument proposed to be adopted at the fifth International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5) taking place from 25-29 September in Bonn.

Critical Targets include Target A7 to phase out highly hazardous pesticides in agriculture by 2030, Target A5 to ban exports of prohibited substances, and Target D5 mandating a transition to non-chemical alternatives to pesticides in agriculture.

A Global Alliance on HHPs – proposed by all 54 states of the UN’s Africa Group and supported by countries in other UN Regions – must also be agreed by governments for the conference to be deemed a success and for key targets to be implemented.

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