PAN Structure

PAN International’s network is built on the deeply-rooted community knowledge of our members and the local expertise of our regional communities. Operating from a place of connectivity and trust, we are able to exchange the knowledge and tools needed to create a global movement to eliminate hazardous pesticides, reduce dependency on pesticides, and promote ecologically sound alternatives to chemical pest control.

In each region, the PAN Regional Center coordinates a large network of like-minded groups, and communities and builds alliances with other networks. Campaigns, activities and relevant objectives are decided by the Regional Center in collaboration with its network. This gives each region the ease to be able to respond quickly and coordinate efficiently the priorities set by its member organizations.

PAN International’s Secretariat works closely with the regional coordinators and national groups to coordinate campaigns and activities revolving around PAN International’s objectives. The secretariat also oversees internal and external governance of the network as well as manages PAN International’s funds for the functioning of the network.

The Secretariat is composed of two international co-coordinators:

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