Sustainable Alternatives

Associated with the manner of pesticide intensive production manifold problems arise: Health problems, like cancer, infertility and birth defects; social and economic problems like indebtedness and suicides and environmental problems, like contamination of natural resources and decimation of species.

Before this background the Pesticide Action Network works to replace the use of hazardous pesticides and stand up for ecologically sound and socially just alternatives to chemical pesticides.

Below you can find information provided by the PAN Regional Centres on alternative or sustainable farming practices, crop specific information on how to grow without pesticides, information on where to find organic products and information on alternatives at all levels.


Organic Cotton

  • Organic Cotton Directory Online directory dedicated to the sustainable production, processing and consumption of organic cotton worldwide. The directory lists projects, companies, shops and organisations promoting organic cotton and offers a search function for consumers, producers and retailers. [In English and German]

Household pesticides