[Webinar] Agroecology: farmers’ pathways to liberation from pesticides

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

1:30 pm GMT

In this webinar, you will hear farmers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America sharing their experiences and successes in agroecology. This proven approach to farming — grounded in principles of equity, collectivity, and food sovereignty — has enabled farmers around the world to replace dependence on highly hazardous pesticides with healthy, resilient food and farming systems that nourish their communities, ecosystems, and the planet.

We will also show four short videos featuring each of these inspiring farmers on their farms in Benin, India, Argentina, and the US, to give you a flavor of their lives and landscapes.


  • Okou Rosaline, farmer in Djidja, Republic of Benin
  • Kali Maruthan, farmer in Sambarkode, Attappadi Kerala, India
  • Marcela Calderón, farmer in Buenos Aires province, Argentina
  • Patti Naylor, farmer in Churdan, Iowa, USA
  • Marcia Ishii, Pesticide Action Network N. America (moderator)

Please join us to learn from these farmers, pose your questions, share your comments, and contribute to this rich exchange of knowledge.

Note that participants need to register in advance (registration is required, but free).


Interpretation in English, French & Spanish will be provided.

Webinar program with speaker details available in English, French and Spanish.

This webinar is co-sponsored by African Centre for Biodiversity, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa,  Movimiento Agroecológico Latinoamericano y del Caribe (MAELA), National Coalition for Natural Farming (India), National Family Farm Coalition (US), Third World Network, U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance, West Africa Organic Network, Ceres Trust, 11th Hour Project and Agroecology Fund.